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Forget mascara, fake lashes! Go natural for eyelash growth!

If you had save money spend on the bottles of expensive mascara and fake lashes then you could have bought a new home. This is the situation of many women who want that gorgeous lashes but do not get them genetically. So the options left for them are quite limited. They go for bottles of mascara that gives them oomph look just for few hours. Or the fake lashes do the same but they are quite messy to handle and use too. Eyelash growth is the process that takes same time like hairs on scalp. You have to be patient with them. if your lashes are not growing they are supposed to grow or if you are observing some changes in the thickness of it then you must try eyelash growth serum bimatoprost which is quite useful in giving you thicker lashes in shortest time span.
Nature has answers to your all questions. You can try on some home remedies or natural remedies also. These help in aid in the process of eyelash growth. You can start with your diet. Keep it healthy and nutritious to get all sorts of essential vitamins and minerals. Do not pluck or trim your lashes in order to grow them longer.